Other languages

Welcome to Malmö mot Diskriminering´s information in other languages. Here you will find information about our organization, your rights according to the Swedish Discrimination Act and how to file a complaint.



Information is at this time available only in English, Romani Lovara, Spanish, Danish, French, Hebrew, German, Italian and Arabic.  We are currently working on adding information in other languages. We thank you for bearing with us.


English – Engelska

Romani – Lovara

Spanska – Español

Tyska – Deutsch

Franska – Francais

Hebreiska – עברית

Danska – Dansk

Italienska – Italiano

Arabiska – العربية

Dari – به مالمو در برابر تبعیض خوش امدید

Farsi – به-انجمن-مالمو-برعلیه-تبعیض-خوش-آمدید


We want to thank those who have helped us with the translasions:

Karin, Allan, Iren, David, Anna, Matthias, Troels, Liora, Tami, Christian, Katharina, Nina, Audi, Nada, Javid, Nahid and Shahram.